(2nd) Wedding Day

Micheal and I got married February 18, 2017!

Well, technically we were married in March of 2015 (we had a small civil ceremony by ourselves) but we decided to have a big celebration with all of our friends and family in February.

After a year of planning for this big day I found out I was pregnant two months before!! Talk about stressful. I was only eight weeks along on the day of the wedding so it was too soon to share the news with anyone. I was SO TIRED. I feel like nobody ever tells you how tired you are going to be in the first trimester. (Someone recently told me the reason for this was because if you knew the truth about pregnancy nobody would ever get pregnant) I definitely cried on the party bus because I wanted to take a nap between the church and the reception but didn’t have time– it was a disaster. We had planned an after party at a bar in our neighborhood for after the reception and I swear I was there for all of ten minutes. After we arrived I dragged my maid of honor Kali home with me to veg out on McDonalds chicken nuggets and sleep! Very romantic wedding night hah! I wish I could say I loved the day– but weddings are so much more fun when they are not your own. And when you aren’t pretending to not be pregnant!

The weather was amazing though! We had planned for a frigid cold Chicago February – I had fur shawls for all of the bridal party– it was 70 DEGREES! Only in Chicago will you get weather like that! I was very strict on myself with my pregnancy in the first trimester, so I didn’t wear any fake tan, didn’t highlight my hair (good thing ombre is in style), didn’t whiten my teeth– all things that sound very trivial now but definitely bummed me out that day. I just wanted to feel pretty! Besides the exhaustion I was pretty relaxed, it’s less stressful to marry your husband haha! We were a month away from celebrating our two year anniversary so the stress of “being married” was non-existent. We had that part down.

My dress was Hayley Paige and was probably one of my favorite parts of the day (is that bad lol?). YOU JUST FEEL SO GLAMOROUS in her dresses.. I remember when we were dress shopping I had no interest in designers or pricey dresses and kept saying “you wear it one time for like 12 hours.. it doesn’t need to be over the top and nobody will ever know where it is from”. I actually only tried it on for fun– hoping I would hate it so i could stop looking at it online and get it out of my head. My mom was buying my dress as a gift (her mom bought her dress so we decided to start a tradition) and I remember looking at her when I put it on saying “I’M SO SORRY!” (it was pricier than I had imagined spending but IT WAS SO PERFECT). I wish it was socially acceptable to wear your wedding dress out– because I would be in this dress every weekend. Well, not now, but maybe after the baby comes haha!

Even though I was super distracted and exhausted, it was still an amazing day. I know Micheal definitely enjoyed himself! He was so happy to be able to spend a week with his family in town and everyone really seemed to have a great time. I’ve heard before that weddings aren’t really for you– they are for everyone else– maybe it’s true. At the end of the day I got to hang out with my best friend in a really pretty dress surrounded by people that love us… and I got chicken nuggets…so I’d say it was a success!

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