Courthouse Wedding

So not many people know (or maybe everyone knows… I don’t know anymore haha!) but Micheal and I got married in March 2015! I never shared any of the photos from the ceremony, (there are only about ten in existence taken by the cutest little old man who works at the courthouse) but they make me so happy!

We look so terrified and cute and little so I decided that everyone who hasn’t seen them is missing out. I bought my dress at Abercrombie and Fitch of all places (the last time I shopped there was 7th grade). I remember going to a million stores and coming out unsuccessful and walking passed it in the window of A&F at the mall thinking “I hope nobody sees me going in here haha!” but It was comfy and fun and I am happy I didn’t wear anything crazy. Looks like Micheal didn’t even iron his shirt! It was definitely the most chill wedding there ever was– we had mimosas in the morning, got married, and went to an Italian restaurant afterwards to celebrate! I remember we ate so much that we put ourselves in a food coma and passed out almost immediately! (We aren’t very good at the romantic wedding night thing are we?). We got our rings from a shop on etsy for $12 — they are super tiny delicate gold bands and mine might be the most important thing I own – I wear it on my right hand and it never comes off!

I feel like after experiencing the big February formal wedding I realize even more how much March 30, 2015 was the happiest day of my life. The big wedding was great and while it was so amazing to be able to share our happiness with all of our friends and family, this private secret day with my best friend will forever be the best day. It really is the little moments that matter the most!

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