New Mama Must Haves

Happy Postpartum Days!

I have created a list of my new mom MUST HAVES that I would not have been able to survive without. Also, “survive” — is that what I was doing? Hopefully this list helps you– LORD KNOWS that I needed any help that I could get. You can do this!

*** If you don’t want to know anything about the ugly truths of Labor/ Postpartum Recovery stop here. You’ll thank me later.

1. Blanqi Maternity/ Postpartum Leggings

So Blanqi lists these as Maternity Leggings and while yes, I did wear these through my pregnancy I think I spent more time in them Postpartum. Honestly, I am still wearing them today because they are just so comfortable. The thing that I liked the most about the leggings is that the full panel was so comfortable — it is thinner and stretchier than the rest of the leggings and comes up high enough that you can breastfeed without feeling naked.

2. Tucks Medicated Coolings Pads

TMI alert. Stop reading now if you don’t want to know the truth: Hemorrhoids are no joke. If you don’t know what I am talking about then AREN’T YOU LUCKY. I won’t go into too much detail but if you had a similar situation to how my labor went — you will not survive without these. Store them in the freezer for extra relief.

Also, after a few months when you think you’re cured — beware of drinking alcohol. I went to a wedding one month postpartum (OK, yes it was SO soon after) and I remember begging my husband to leave at 10:00 PM because my butt hurt. Something to do with the alcohol thinning your blood? I don’t know the specifics but don’t say you haven’t been warned.

3. Lansinoh Stay Dry Nursing Pads

If you are breastfeeding prepare to leak all over whatever you are wearing no matter how many of these you use. But it helps.

Update: My friend Alicia is not pleased with my non-environmentally friendly nursing pad choices and recommends these Reusable Nursing Pads. She says they help nature AND YOUR NIPPLES (win-win) because they won’t stick to you when your milk dries. Check out her blog I should also add her to my postpartum survival list — couldn’t have done it without ya!

4. Fridababy Fridet the MomWasher or any plain old Peri bottles from Amazon

It really doesn’t matter which bottle you use — but you NEED THIS. I swear I was not able to wipe with toilet paper for at least six months. Times were tough. I also hear that you can steal some from the hospital — do that. Also steal some mesh underwear. AS MANY AS YOU CAN FIT IN YOUR HOSPITAL BAG. Maybe my next blog post will be about hospital bag essentials: 1 .Empty bag to fit all of the hospital products you will be stealing. Done.

5. Thayers Rose Water 

Because who has time to wash their face when they have a new baby?

6. Natracare Maternity Pads

OK – so these are PRICY. I know. But they’re organic. We are saving the environment. Kidding. When you have a rough labor and a new screaming baby you need comfort and for me at least, saving the environment was the least of my worries. I went through at least 10 different brands of pads and these were the ONLY ONES that did not feel like sand paper. I cannot recommend these enough.

7. Owlet Smart Sock

Hi, Nice to meet you. I am a crazy person and my anxiety consumes my life. THIS helped me sleep. Doctors really aren’t a big fan of this product because 1. It gives you TOO MUCH information. New moms really shouldn’t be dealing with the stress of tracking their newborn’s Oxygen Rate — we have enough to over-analyze and panic about. They also 2. Don’t want this sock to replace checking on your kid. Both understandable reasons to say No to the sock. BUT In my experience, if you are checking on your baby like you should be and you promise yourself not to go CRAZY tracking the numbers — this product will help you sleep at night. It is also really cool for tracking sleep patterns — you can subscribe to Owlets connected care and it is almost like a baby Fit bit that shows their different sleep stages throughout the night.

8. Earth Mama Spray

YES. You need this. That is all.

9. Henley tops

If you are breastfeeding these tops are perfect for easy-access feeds. I ordered one in every color and basically lived in them. They are also always on sale which is great!

10. Medela Breast Pump

Reach out to your insurance company about a breast pump — most will give you a few options to chose from. I heard mixed reviews on this pump with the main complaint being that it was too loud but I never had a problem and it worked just fine for me.

Are you still here? If so, THANK YOU for reading. Also, sorry if any of that was TMI. Also not sorry. I want to be able to talk openly about my experiences because my biggest shock of new motherhood was how bad of shape I was in after giving birth. Labor is one thing but when you go home and you have a little baby that needs you — its especially hard when you feel like you got run over by a truck. Being prepared is key and these things DEFINITELY helped my recovery process.



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