Toddler Bed

Hola! If you are not a mom and/or do not have a toddler just stop right here. This will be the most boring thing you have ever read.

The one person that is left (Hi Alicia). LET ME TELL YOU about this bed situation

Let me start by admitting that I KNOW we did not have the best approach to Thomas’ sleep training. We both work full time, so by the time we get home we have less than two hours to spend with our kid — doesn’t exactly make you feel good about putting him in a crib and listening to him “cry it out”.

For the last year our bedtime routine was this: After dinner Micheal would give him a bath ( I HATE baths. Don’t ask me why. I just do). Then depending on the night one of us would go into our bed with a bottle (apparently we are suppose to be ditching the bottle by the next Drs. appointment. Unless the Dr is going to come home and put my kid to bed every night I do not see that happening) and lay with Thomas until he fell asleep. Sometimes this took over an hour. THEN when he was asleep (after we waited a half hour to make sure he was REALLY asleep of course) we would carefully try to lift him and move him to his crib. SO MANY ISSUES with this method.

#1 Micheal fell asleep every single time it was his turn. Night over.

#2 Thomas woke up 1/2 of the time during the move, bringing us right back to square one. and if he woke up after he was already in his crib– FORGET ABOUT IT. If Thomas woke up and realized that we were trying to banish him to the horrible scary crib he almost refused to go to sleep at all. Leading us to…

#3. When all else fails — leave sleeping baby in your bed.  For the last two months Thomas has been in our bed. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE cuddling with him. I hardly see him so I love having him there and also don’t have to check the monitor to see if he’s breathing 47 times a night if he is next to me. But it is very difficult to have any sort of “grown up time”with a baby in your bed. or watch TV. or fold laundry. or do ANYTHING other than go to sleep at 9:00 PM next to a baby.

Until now.  The game changer. The TODDLER BED.

Every single person that I asked told me this was a bad idea. “Keep him contained as long as you can!”, “He is just a baby!”, “Are you insane?!”.

Yes, as a matter of fact I am insane and once I get an idea in my head there is no looking back. There really was no reason for me to even ask anyones opinion — I had that bed ordered before any of my friends could even text me back.

I purchased a Toddler Sleigh bed from Target for $56.00. I raced home – built the bed like a crazy person — and our life has changed forever.

Our new bedtime routine is this:

After dinner, Micheal gives Thomas a bath (I still hate baths). After bath we get into our Pajamas and read a couple of books. Thomas gets in and out of the bed going to get new books so clearly he knows how to get in and out of bed. Then I turn off the light and leave the room… wait for it… and Thomas falls asleep on his own. ON HIS OWN. No crying. No trying to escape. Nothing. Just lays down, gets comfortable, and falls asleep.


Get yourself a toddler bed.

Welcome to the good life.

2 thoughts on “Toddler Bed

  1. How is it going with the toddler bed now? With our first I was so excited and did the toddler bed early on with no problems (she was mellow and easy.) But now our 2nd is two and a half and I’m worried.. she’s our wild card! Honestly amazed she hasn’t tried to climb out of her crib still…


    1. It is still going really well! It is definitely working better for naps than for overnight though. He still manages to make it into our bed around 2 AM lol. We also have been trying to only give him his pacifier in his bed so he actually gets excited to go to sleep because he misses it so much during the day haha! & I have a friend that still has her 3 year old in a crib — whatever works!


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