When we moved into our house, the room off of the back deck was being used as a dining room —  it seemed really weird to have to carry your dinner plate into a completely different part of the house so we decided to make this room a playroom instead! I did a lot of Pinterest-ing in search of the “perfect” playroom but in the end everything just kind of got thrown together and it’s cozy and fun which is all that matters! 

Also, right before I was going to take these photos Thomas poured my entire coffee on the rug. It was my last K- cup too. We’re killing it today.




img_3371 2img_3370 2img_3369 2img_3366






3 thoughts on “Playroom

  1. Here for Mrs. Britt jersey;) fan of Justin since day one (the first few seasons were rough, there was a lot of people talking crap) but I always believed! Love Alicia on Instagram. Go hawks!


  2. 👋 Hi! Sent here by Alicia. She’s right, you are hilarious! As for the jersey giveaway, I would frame it. My son attended Justin’s football camp and got a poster, shirt, and hat signed (which he always wears)…we are big Justin Britt fans, so this would just add to the collection! Also, a wife jersey is the coolest.😎


  3. Such a cute blog! Love your style! If I win the Seahawks jersey I plan to hang it in our bar at home next to a MIZZOU jersey! MIZZOU pride!


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