It’s Monday again. HA wait, no its Tuesday. I worked from home yesterday because Thomas is sick again. Also, because it snowed a ton and trying to clean off a car and load a sick baby and then commute the two hours downtown on an unplowed expressway sounds horrendous. So it just feels like a Monday.

Why do kids always get sick on the weekends? And then on Monday it looks like I am making up the sick-kid excuse to extend the weekend — but really what is a weekend anymore? I spent Friday afternoon to this morning chasing my toddler around with a NoseFrida trying to suck boogers (he no longer thinks booger sucking is funny and I now have to hold his head down while he screams bloody murder to get them… super fun). He did take a break from being miserable to laugh at his dad, making for some reallllllly cute photos (see below) but other than that he was covered in snot and whining for the last three days. And working from home with a toddler? Working from home with a toddler = Elmo is babysitting your kid. There is NO WAY in hell that anyone can “work from home” without handing your kid a cookie and plopping them down in front of the TV.

Tomorrow everyone is off work because it is going to be NEGATIVE TWELVE degrees, colder than Antarctica, Mount Everest, and Sibera. WHAT?! and then Friday we leave for FLOOOOORIIIIDAAAAA. How’s that for timing? Thomas and I are flying with my parents on Friday afternoon and then back on Tuesday. My parent’s are staying an extra week so my flight on Tuesday will be solo with a baby which I am already stressed out about.

Yup, thats it. Thats all I got. This was a diary entry rant and not a super cool planned post (are any of them actually cool? YES THEY ARE). Really, I just wanted somewhere to share the pictures of Micheal & Thomas. They cute.


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