Seattle trip

I spent this past weekend in Seattle visiting my long distance life partner. We made it a whole 2.5 days after California before booking another flight. I brought Thomas with me this time so we spent most of the four days chasing around three crazy kids. The highlight of the weekend was that Thomas and Miller FINALLY seemed to actually enjoy being around each other which was SO CUTE.  The last time they were together they fought over EVERYTHING so the fact that they were actually playing nicely this time was amazing. If you want a pretty boring, play by play of our weekend keep on reading 😂.

Thomas was pretty irritable all week with a cold so on Thursday night before we left we took him to immediate care to make sure he didn’t have an ear infection. They said he was fine but something didn’t feel right so I followed up with his pediatrician Friday morning before our flight. He confirmed that he actually had a HORRIBLE ear infection – how do you miss that immediate care?! I was pretty nervous flying with his ears but he was absolutely perfect! Thank you Motrin. He played quietly for the first half of the flight and then slept the second half. ANGEL BABY. We landed at 10:00 PM (midnight Chicago time) and somehow he managed to wake up happy. We got to Alicia’s and he discovered the cat. OMG was he excited about seeing a real cat. The first thing he said when he woke up the next morning was “WHERE MEOW?!”. I’ve since been trying to convince Micheal that Thomas needs a kitten of his own – it’s not going well lol.

I of course had to catch the same cold Thomas had as soon as we got to Seattle, so I spent most of my trip blowing my nose, steaming & using a Netty Pot over their kitchen sink — SUPER glamourous.

I did manage to break away from the Kleenex (who am I kidding, I carried a roll of toilet paper around with me all weekend) to do a couple of activities! We brought the kids to a HUGE park where we spent most of the time trying to find them in a sea of people, Hi Anxiety, nice to see you again! Thomas saw a baby duckling and then threw a tantrum that he couldn’t have it – terrible 2’s here we come! We went to dinner kid-free  Saturday night at the Met which was amazing – OK well I think it was. I was too congested to taste any of my meal (such a waste, I know) but it LOOKED amazing so I’m going to go with that. We went to Pike’s Place Market Sunday afternoon and attempted to eat at Biscuit Bitch (it ended up being too crowded but we were greeted with “Hey Bitches” when we walked in, so that’s a win in my book). We hit up the gum wall and chewed an unnatural amount of Bubblicious to try to get a good picture, shopped a bit, and then went to a C3 class that I ended up laying down for most of because I couldn’t breathe LOL. Then we raced home to put on sweatpants for the rest of the night, which is really the reason I visited in the first place. Doesn’t everybody fly across the county just to sit in sweats with their best friend?

Monday we went to the chiropractor where Thomas and I both got adjusted – not sure if sinus/ear adjustments actually work but I was willing to try anything at that point. I’m more of a firm believer in Sudafed, but again, would have tried ANYTHING. We did some shopping stroller-free, #momfail, and then tried to get a good nap in before our flight. Thomas decided this was the perfect day to refuse a nap. Toddlers, amirite? I packed our stuff up and headed back to the airport. Speaking of packing, I flew to Seattle with one suitcase and came home with two- thanks Alicia for our new wardrobes!

On our way home, the nicest Delta gate attendant upgraded us to Comfort+ and gave Thomas his own seat. I really don’t know how I would have survived with him on my lap, so THANK YOU Delta lady! He didn’t sleep at all but watched Sesame Street and ate snacks and was so sweet. He did throw a half eaten, half mushed banana at the man behind us (whoops!) but then immediately hugged at me and said “Sorry Mama”. He’s basically a sour patch kid and already knows how to play me – I am screwed lol.

Is anyone still reading? Am I blogging or writing in my diary? Not sure at this point lol.

Here are some pictures from the weekend!

Outfit links tagged at the bottom!

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