Master Bedroom Update


When we bought our house our bedroom was so ugly (see below). Dirty brown carpeting, boring white walls — it was hard to imagine that it could ever be turned into the dreamy cozy bedroom I had dreamed of . Over the last few years, I have changed our room tons of times. Too many times. I don’t know any anyone commits to one style and stick with it. (Initially we had a tufted grey headboard and after only two years my taste has COMPLETELY changed. We just replaced it with this industrial iron bedroom from Wayfair and I am sooo much happier. To think that I was a tufted fabric headboard kind of girl not too long ago… LOL) I think my hobby might be rearranging my house because am never content with a room staying one way.  I AM still obsessed with the dark walls – my entire house is dark blue or dark green (The playroom was the only light room in the house and that was just painted last week) – and our new bedding gives the room the pop of color it needs. For now. The room is still a work in progress (Can somebody come paint my trim?), but I have finally gotten it to a place where I actually FEEL GOOD when I’m in it.

Bedding: The Emily & Meritt Marigold Pindot Collection (Unfortunately looks like it’s sold out)

Chandelier: PB Teen Teardrop Flushmount Chandelier

Bedframe: Viviana Farmhouse Metal Platform Bed

Lamp (minus the glass lamp shade because toddlers break everything): Crosby Glass Shade Floor Lamp Brass





Here is what the room looked like before we moved in… genMid.09284909_13_1

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