20 Week Bumpdate


We are having another BABY BOY! I was realllllllly hoping that I could keep the boy mom thing going and that Thomas could have a little buddy and it is such a relief to be able to use all of Thomas’ hand me down’s and not have to buy ANYTHING this time around. JK who am I kidding – I am currently trying to convince Micheal that we need a new crib because the “theme” of the kids room has changed since Thomas was a baby LOL. I don’t think he shares my vision but we have 20 weeks to change his mind.

Thomas is convinced that HE is having this baby. He tells me that he is the big brother and the baby is in his stomach. Half right. He also told me his name was Buzz and he hopes he has wings and buttons, so I’d say he has a firm grasp of what is going on.

I feel like I can’t even remember a time in my life when I wasn’t pregnant — that’s how long these 20 weeks have felt LOL. As exciting as it is to be halfway, it also means I have AN ENTIRE 20 WEEKS LEFT?! Holy poo. During this long first half, I have started a bucket list of all of the non-pregnant things I want to do come June. You don’t know what you want to do until you’re not allowed to do it. I’ve never wanted Botox before. BUT NOW? Sign me up. Yoga? I wanna go every single day. BLEACH MY HAIR. Recreational marijuana is legal in Chicago now – I never liked smoking before… but the new me might?! I’m training for the marathon. Spin class? YES! MORE TATTOOS! The list is getting more and more out of control. Send help.

This pregnancy has been SO different from my first pregnancy. Everyone told me “each pregnancy is different” and they were right. With Thomas I remember being SO tired and this time around I haven’t noticed ANY extra fatigue. … Or maybe I just never got any less tired and the Thomas tired became my new normal and that’s why I don’t notice a difference this time around? Who knows.

My new symptoms this time around are mostly my size and discomfort. I am HUGE already. I wasn’t this big until I was in the late 30’s with Thomas. I was showing almost as soon as I peed on that stick and now? I look like I could go into labor any second. I told Micheal I posted a bump pic today and he replied “You’ve got much more than a bump!” Thanks bud. You’re the best.

The discomfort has been my biggest complaint – I have the WORST round ligament pain. Any time I cough or sneeze I have to brace myself and actually hold on to my belly, or else it feels like someone is stabbing me with a knife. I guess the ligaments from the top of your uterus to the bottom are like a rubber band that’s already stretched out from your first pregnancy so when you make a sudden movement the rubber band snaps = knife stab. NOT COOL.

I also can’t breathe out of my nose & My skin hates me. WHERE IS THE PREGNANCY GLOW? I think that might be a myth. Nobody is glowing around here.

There are also positives to being pregnant… But you’ll have to go to the blog of someone who loves being pregnant to read those LOL. I like the RESULT of being pregnant, not so much the process. Grateful for the process… but also not a huge fan haha.

This was a rant. I need to get out of the house.


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