Potty Training in 3 days!


Well… for approximately 138 days.

First things first – that was NOT fun. Holy poo (literally). Potty training a toddler is no joke. Potty training a stubborn toddler is basically torture. But we did it. I have lived to tell the tale.

I had attempted twice before this and completely failed both times. Everyone kept telling me “You need to wait until he is ready!” which I ignored. I thought because I was ready, he was going to be ready too. Nope. During both failed attempts he made it very clear that he was NOT going in the potty and was going to continue going in his diaper. “I not pee in the potty. I pee IN MY DIAPER. GIVE ME MY DIAPER”.

I had heard a lot about the “Oh Crap” method and while I didn’t actually read the book — everyone (and I think the book) says the three days of naked was the way to go. Our first attempt, we tried undies only and he peed through the undies onto on the floor about 8 times and he wasn’t the least bit upset about it. He would just ask for another pair of underwear. To be fair he was very young. Maybe 18 months.

Then I tried again right before he turned 2 and we had him naked to try and solve the ‘pee right through the undies’ problem. This time he did the opposite — he held it. For HOURS. Refused and cried and screamed for his diaper. The one day I tried he held it for 10 hours before I stuck his hand in a bowl of water and literally forced him to go. That was it. The entire day and ONE single pee. And SO MUCH CRYING.

So I quit. I waited a few months. And this time he said “Yeah, Ill go in the potty” and we were ready to try again. (FINE ALICIA. YOU WERE RIGHT) You really just have to wait until they are ready or else it’s just not going to work.

This weekend was so cold in Chicago and I had Monday off so it was the perfect three days for a no pants party. I am not sure how Thomas knew that this time his underwear were to be treated differently than his diaper, but I’ll take it. He did NOT want to pee in those little Paw Patrol undies.

We started with a little Elmo potty. He seemed intimidated by the big toilet so we set up a little potty station in my first floor hallway (tile floor lol). I downloaded a potty sticker chart from Pinterest that had a prize every fifth pee but he definitely did not understand having to wait until pee #5. You try to tell a little boy who JUST PEED ON THE POTTY for the first time that he can’t have that Spiderman toy on top of the fridge until he does it four more times. No way. He got the toy on his first pee. I am weak.

Day one sucked. He definitely didn’t know how to work the “on/off” switch of peeing. He was holding it — but had no idea how to stop holding it. Every time he had to go he would grab himself and jump up and down SCREAMING and crying for his diaper. I would put him on the little potty and tell him to go but he had such a hard time with the release part of it. He would rock back and forth crying “ITS NOT WORKING!” which was tough.

The pees on day one were not by choice – he literally could not hold it anymore and just happened to be sitting on the toilet when they came out. I really had to watch him to see signs that he had to go and we spent SO much time just sitting there waiting for something to happen.

After the initial Spiderman big prize we switched to little prizes. I got a few books from Home Goods and a set of three dinosaurs. I would only let him have one dino per pee which kept him motivated to do it again. Then we moved on to suckers as prizes and later he was cool with just getting a sticker to put on the chart.

I think we only had one accident day one which is amazing but it was still rough — so much crying. So much “I don’t have to go”. So much “I can’t do it”. And SO MUCH SITTING WITH NOTHING HAPPENING.

He also POOPED. I think it was by accident when we were trying for a pee but whatever, it counts and apparently mastering poop in the potty is a HUGE deal when they’re learning. Micheal made me take a picture of it to “document the milestone” DM me if you wanna see it. Kidding. HAHAHA gross. But the poop part was really dramatic. He cried and was terrified but was SO proud of himself afterwards. We Facetimed maybe five different people to share the exciting news.

Day two was so much more promising! The pees started getting quicker and he even got up on his own once and walked to his potty! AMAZING.  I spent the entire day pumping him with fluids and asking him every 30 minutes if he had to go. The answer was always no – but he did go almost every two hours when we sat to “just try”. He had two accidents. One in the morning before the on/off starting clicking in his brain and one poop accident which wasn’t fun. Just cut ’em off and throw ’em out lol. By the end of the day though he seemed to be getting the hang of it.

Day three he woke up dry — went first thing in the morning. Dry at nap. Same thing when he woke up! Then I added pants and we had 2 accidents. NOOOOO! Both were during times when he said he didn’t have to go — and was very focused on playing. I have no idea if the accidents were because he was distracted by what he was doing or if the comfort of pants made him feel like he was back in a diaper. I went back to just underwear after the 2nd accident and he was perfect for the rest of the day. Unfortunately for training purposes there were no poops. I’ve heard that some kids refuse to poop during potty training and it actually becomes a problem so fingers crossed that that’s not the case.

We moved to the big toilet day three to try and prepare for daycare the next day. Once he got over the initial fear of going I think the adult toilet seemed less scary. In our upstairs bathroom we have a kids removable toilet seat (this one) that comes on and off and I actually really don’t like it – it doesn’t quite fit right and leaves a red circle on his butt — we will be replacing this soon! We are renovating our first floor bathroom so when we bought the toilet I got a seat that has the kids seat built in (here) and IT. IS. AWESOME. It is so handy. So easy to clean. And isn’t an eye sore. I want another one for upstairs. The ONLY complaint I can think of about it is that the magnet is so strong that Thomas isn’t able to fold down the kid seat on his own, but that’s so much better than if the magnet didn’t hold and it was falling all the time. Is this how you know you’ve made it as a blogger? When you get to review toilet seats?

Oh! And we bought a urinal (here). He hasn’t used it because he doesn’t know how to pee standing up just yet but IT IS SO FUNNY that I couldn’t not buy it.

We’ve been putting him in diapers every time he goes to sleep but he wakes up dry and says he has to go as soon as he gets up so I have no tips on night training except pray that you have a kid that just does it.

ANNNNND then the weekend ended and he had to go to daycare this morning and I have no idea how that’s going but sent 3 extra pairs of pants in his bag. GOOD LUCK THOMAS. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

The only advice I actually have is: 1. As much as it sucks, you really do have to wait until they are ready. 2. Once you start, just stick with it. The first day or so is really discouraging but by day three they really just figure it out on their own. 3. Pump with fluids — the more times they have to pee the quicker they’re going to figure out that on/off switch which is really the key to it all.

Good luck. Maybe don’t do this when you’re pregnant because you’ll need a drink once your toilet trained toddler goes to bed.

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