Dear Breastfeeding, I think we should see other people.

We went to Sesame Street live this weekend! It was AMAZING. Not one tear from Thomas and only four tears from Michéal (jk, he was a trooper). These pictures have absolutely ZERO to do with this blog post topic, but because my experience with breastfeeding was so tramatizing, I don’t have any photos to document Continue reading Dear Breastfeeding, I think we should see other people.


It’s Monday again. HA wait, no its Tuesday. I worked from home yesterday because Thomas is sick again. Also, because it snowed a ton and trying to clean off a car and load a sick baby and then commute the two hours downtown on an unplowed expressway sounds horrendous. So it just feels like a Continue reading Weekendz

Children’s Museum/ Anxiety

Yesterday, I took Thomas to the Kohl’s Children’s Museum in Glenview. I had planned on writing a whole cutesy blog post about our experience but then I realized that nobody really cares about my “review” of the different Children Museum exhibits (even the people that are supporting this adventure). Instead,  I decided that it would Continue reading Children’s Museum/ Anxiety